A Trip to Mercado Central in León, Nicaragua

May 14, 2017

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Visiting Nicaragua is a one of kind trip. After a month of staying here, I can finally say that my family member is feeling much better and I am happy to start my adventures in this beautiful country. Therefore, last week I went to León, which is located on the west side of the country. León is very hot. It is surrounded by volcanoes and amazing beaches. As I am writing this post today, the weather in León is 90° F, a perfect weather to splash some water!

I stayed in León for a half day, so I was just able to visit two places: Mercado Central and Iglesia La Recolección. The Mercado Central (Central Market) in León was completely renovated and it is really structural. It is somehow different from other markets in Nicaragua because it is colorful and has a colonial style vibe. It is divided into different sections i.e, food, grains, meat, dairy, fruits, vegetables, and crafts.

I love this market because it is so authentic. Food was fresh and had a homemade taste, fruits and veggies were delicious and crafts were beautiful. I tried fresh corn tortillas with moronga, which is pig’s blood with rice. It was good! I also bought, avocados, mangos, mamoncillo, spicy cuajada (similar to cheese), and blue crabs. The blue crabs were so good. I ate them as soup. I am planning to return to this market before I leave Nicaragua, I just can’t live without its unique taste!

After I was satisfied with all the deliciousness that I bought in the market, I went ahead and visited Iglesia La Recolección. It is a beautiful Catholic Church that is amazingly maintained. I am Catholic, so I love to visit Catholic churches wherever I go. I believe they are all unique when it comes to its architecture and its meaning. I really wanted to visit the Basilica, but I think it would be for my next time in León because it is peaceful and beautiful.

I hope I can visit more places on my next visit. I would like to try more Nicaraguan cuisine and visit surrounded places like beaches. Please let me know what you think of the pictures here and what type of food you would like to try if you were here in Nicaragua.

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