My Birthday: Conquering Myself

August 5, 2017

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Yay! It’s my birthday and I love it! I always tell this to myself. I’m very happy that I can celebrate it and I’m so thankful to God and the Virgin Mary for one year of life. I don’t want to make this post a religious one where I want to convince others of my beliefs. However, I just want to share a miracle that happened to me. When I was 3 years old I got lost in a Costa Rica, and I still remember how Mary rescued me and guided me to my parents. This is a real story and I have to talk about it in another post because I have to explain all the details. Therefore, I am so happy that I can spend it even if it’s by phone/Skype with my two loving parents. Now, this past event that I lived in at such shortage makes me stronger every day. I know I am not alone and this gives me comfort when I want to give up or I feel like everything is somehow breaking apart.

Today is a day that I like to analyze what I have achieved so far and how can I overcome fears. It makes me stronger and happier when I have people around me that support and love me unconditionally. I love people who push me to the limits and beyond. I love when others are happy because I share something with them. I love when I see my loved ones smile and feel peace. I love when I have the chance to go to different places and saving memories that last forever. I love to remember my past and those who are not around anymore. I love to live the present and enjoy every minute even if it’s not a good one. I love what the future holds for me and for those that are by side. I can’t wait to understand someday why the Virgin Mary saved me from getting lost. But, as right now, I can only say that I love being here today with God and with you.

For today the agenda is to go back to my childhood because I feel like it. I am planning to go to the zoo, eat lots of sweet treats, and just being spoiled! I want to relax because I had a really stressful but satisfying week. I just want to celebrate it with another positive perspective. I do not want to feel like I am getting old even if I actually am. I just want to live as there is no tomorrow.  Yes! I’ll be keeping many memories in my head, heart, and camera.

I am just expecting that you actually enjoyed this post. If your birthday is today as well, Happy Birthday to You! Please feel free to leave any comments! Next post will be the travel one. Oh, I almost forgot! If you are asking where is the cake? I already started doing some giveaways and I will continue doing a couple more during this month. Good luck!


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