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January 17, 2019

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Hello, 2019! I’m so excited for this year as I know everyone is as well. Every new year we got new motivations, new goals/resolutions, new changes, and of course, we want to start a new life. I’m already setting a new mindset to this year, as I already told you in my last year’s post. I don’t like to talk/set new year’s resolutions/goals. I like to work with the flow of my ideas and to achieve what has to be achieved at a certain time of the year. For example, this year I’ve been giving priority to becoming a more organized person. Living with a baby creates a more clutter environment as there are toys, diapers, etc. I also want to start being more organized with my business, which means to start using more organizational tools such as my QuickBooks (so helpful for the tax season), my agenda (yes, I need to write everything down), and my desktop (I have so many files hanging around on my desktop, lol). So, as you can see this can be a short-term goal, but I don’t consider it as a goal because I consider the organization as an element of living. That is why we cannot live unorganized at all. There is so much stuff every day that comes/appears to our daily lives. Thus, being organized helps us stay on the right track by doing what really matters.

While I’m being more organized in my life, I realized that I have to create more content. The type of content that one first love, so that others can love it. I want to start writing at least twice a month. I really enjoy writing. I think it’s something that helps me communicate with other types of audiences. I can imagine you (my readers) drinking/eating a yummy snack/meal while reading my blog posts. I also imagine you reading my blog when you want to escape from your daily life routines. I know some of you have left comments that I should start writing more often and also with suggestions about my website layout (which I’m looking more into it). I promise I’ll do it. It’s just a matter of time right now as I also take care (full time) of my baby Luciana. Nonetheless, I always find the time to create content on Instagram, so I think I can do the same on this outlet.

If you are wondering what is new this year with Merlot & Chat, then let me tell you that there are so many awesome things. One of them is to start creating videos, for both, Instagram and Youtube. I also want to start posting more often here (stay tuned for the Paris and Olso travel blog posts, these are coming soon!). I know that I also don’t post as quite as I should on Facebook, so I want to change that. Finally, I’ll be creating more fun stories on my Instagram. Now, in any case, you’re wondering, what is going on with my personal life this year, I’m just going to tell you that quite a lot. You see, my husband and I have been considering for a long time about moving to another place. Therefore, we have been seeing different homes builders and we just have to finally decide on the house/townhome style. Although, it may not happen this year because for that to even occur we have to first sell our current house. So, that would be really fun. Another fun experience I’m looking forward to travel during the lapse of this year. And, this year my sweet baby Luciana turns 1 year old! (that’s is the biggest event of the year if I can choose one.) I also want to start a fitness routine at home. Finally, I’d like to attend more often events in my Catholic church community.

Well, that’s all for now. I hope you have enjoyed this first post of the 2019 year. I wish the best of the best for each one of you. I really appreciate your patience with my inconsitent blog posts and I also truly appreciate your time for reading Merlot & Chat. I wish you become part of my Instagram tribe and community if you arent right now. As always please remember to be humble wherever you go!

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