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May 31, 2019

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Finally! I know. That’s what you all have in mind right now as you saw this blog post. I have not shared a blog post in a month. But, if you want to know the reason why I could not come here, please keep reading!

Just to make it short, I sold my home the same day it went to the real estate market. I put my home to sell in April. After we signed the contract with the potential buyer, we had to wait for the inspections and appraisal. Once my husband and I heard from the appraisal, we went ahead and cleaned the entire home with zero help and we moved out.

Now, we are living in an apartment for the next three months. This is because our new home is being built. After searching for two years so many builders- nationals and locals. We decided to go with a local builder from Dayton. They build beautiful homes with a very distinct design and exquisite details. I’m so anxious to move in!

We are planning to sell our furniture as some of them do not fit in the new home. This is because our previous home was a two story home with two living rooms. Whereas the new home is one single story with only one living/family room.

I know you all want to see pictures, here are some fresh ones that I took today:

I’m so excited that once I move into this new home, I’ll be sharing new content. I’d love to share interior home design posts, foodie posts, and lifestyle/family vlogs on YouTube! There’s going to be a whole new home section on the blog now.

To continue these home blog posts series, next time, I’ll be sharing how we sold our home and how we moved out in less than a week. I hope you have a rested weekend. As always please be humble wherever you go.

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