Why I Do Not Speak About My New Year Resolutions

January 24, 2018

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Hello Friends! The new year resolutions are what most people post on their social media accounts at this time of the year. I know that in this blog post you may not agree with me and that’s okay. Every one of us is a different world. That is what makes us unique and awesome! But, I’d like to explain to you why I prefer not to speak up about my new year resolutions. This is because I already know which personal and emotional aspects of my life I should be working on. I also know what my personal goals are. They are almost the same as the year before. Although, I think I’ve achieved a little more than expected. Lol.

I don’t like the whole idea of writing down the list of goals that I’d like to accomplish this year. I know that some people like to be specific when it comes to setting their goals. For example,  they may speak about what their new year resolutions are, such as, be more confident, be healthy, be active, etc. Well, shouldn’t we already be eating healthier and staying more active for the sake of our bodies and lives?

I believe that most of the time (if we are not persistent and dedicated enough) the new year resolutions can only stay on the written words. Therefore, it’s not as present as it is in our minds every single day. That’s why I love being detail-oriented when it comes to working on achieving my goals. I use different types of planners such as a year calendar planner, Trello, and reminder agendas. But, that’s all I do when it comes to writing down my monthly, weekly and/or daily goals. Therefore, they are all set to accomplish my one main goal of the year. Lol. Then, I can say I accomplish the main or sub main year resolutions.

Sometimes we set our new year resolutions unconsciously. We work on this life to achieve our dreams.  Yes, I’ve had experienced some circumstances in the past, in which I didn’t achieve almost none of my year resolutions. That was pretty upsetting. That is why I’m focusing only on one or the three main year resolutions.  Sincerely, if I just achieve one of my year resolutions at the end of the year, I’ll be really content. This is because I know that it has made me a better person and that I’ve made others around me as content as I may be. We should try to make our year resolutions not only about ourselves but also about those around us. My goals and dreams are about how to aid others either directly or indirectly.


Why It Took Me About A Month To Write A Blog Post?

I know that it’s been a quiet time that I haven’t posted a new blog post. This is because I spent my Christmas season and part of the new year 2018 fixing my website so you can have a better experience while surfing it. I moved from Squarespace to being self-hosted on WordPress. org. I needed to have more freedom when it comes to customizing the CSS Code of my website. On, I am limited by my own creativity, so I can literally create anything I’d like to. I’ll be posting a blog post about my experience migrating from Squarespace to As of right now, I can only say, that it’s been quite a journey. Even though I can do everything by just adding plug-ins, I prefer to do it old school by adding my own design of CSS coding. Therefore, I think it will take me a little more time to finish it, but it’ll be worth it.

That’s all for now, I’ll be posting more frequently. I won’t say the exact dates of the week, but I’ll be posting twice per week. I wish you the very best of this 2018 year! Please remember to be humble wherever you go!


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