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Hey there! I'm happy to be sharing with you my favorite tools that have helped me stayed organized and motivated in creating content. 

Favorite Tools

This is what I use in my business day in and day out!

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I love the Tezza App to put filters on my videos! It also has the option to create slow-motion videos.

Tezza App

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I love to use it on my phone as it helps me keep track of my campaigns and to-do list.


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This is my virtual assistant! It helps me keep my business organize. It is so easy to use and you can get HoneyBook for 20% off for one year by using my referral link!


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It helps you plan your posts for the future. I love to use it to organize my feed and publish to my account. 


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If you LOVE this website template, then grab it now. The best thing for my branding image is a new fun and professional website template!


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Freebie for CCC

Make it clear WHAT they get and WHY they should sign up!

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Freebie Two

You can use these pop ups or link directly to the freebie if it's in a blog post or different web page! 

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Freebie Three

Use these downloads to grow your biz!

Freebies for You

Blue Microphones // For voice-over mic

Final Cut Pro
// For video editing 

Canon // For taking photographs and videos

Adobe Lightroom// For presets edits

Canva // For quick designs

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