Hey! I'm Pia and I love to create content that actually inspires others. I love to create fun, bold, and colorful content while being true to myself and the brands I partner with. 
There is nothing more exciting than working with companies that you already love and/or brands that you know will be useful for you audience to use.
That's why I select my partnerships because I want YOU to keep learning about all the stuff I really love! 

Are you looking to create beautifully authentic content for your brand while making real connections for your brand?

I was too...

It is extremely important to be YOURSELF out there! That is the only thing that will make you stand out from the crowd. It really is! That's why you have to follow your true goals, self-dreams, and staying put through your social journey. I know many people that have changed theirselves to become more appealing and/or get more brand partnerships. Sadly, this is not the right way! Just be yourself, and keep creating what you LOVE! This will for sure bring you what you've been waiting for. It's about creating a community over competition.

I've received many questions about how to create/become a social media influencer and let me tell you one thing: FOLLOW YOUR HEART! When I started this journey, no one believed in me. I know many family members that were skeptical just thinking I was playing to put makeup on or just being an influencer wanna be. Ha! the secret of success is in YOU! You have the power to tailored a your brand and make it your job! I am currently earning even more than what I'd be earning working a regular 9-5 type of job. This is because I get to stay at home and care for my family. 

Do you know why you have to start making real connections prior starting your online business journey?

Merlot & Chat started because there was a need in my self-creator to start creating and sharing with the world my skills. Hehe. It was created because it was an outlet for me to create content about my past travels and daily life. I also wanted to create a profitable blog that would help me work from home and/or wherever place I was at (yes- including my bed). Lol. But, seriously getting out of College with my degree in Communications was kind of hard for me to find my dream job. I've applied and applied to jobs and was successful at getting one out of hundreds of applications. I loved it, but it was not fulfilling my career goals.  
Therefore, I decided to give myself a break (my husband was financially supporting us during that time) and we traveled to South Korea and Japan. We saw so many people creating vlogs on the streets and even the guy sitting next to me in the airplane was editing a video for Youtube. That's when I realized that I did have a calling for creating content on social media. I knew being a digital creator was a calling to me, but now I could say it's been my blessing!

How and Why Merlot & Chat started?

Just keep being YOU and the rest will follow! That's why I've decided to teach others that would like to start this journey. I also give freebies that actually contain some of my beloved apps that I use on a daily basis to create content. I'm calling those of you that have been wanting to start this journey and/or up-level your current brand to shop my guides that have helped me keep on track and not lose myself!
If you did not know, you can also get a monthly newsletter with all the fun stuff such as my favorite products of the month, best places and/or restaurants to visit, and just random lifestyle stuff.
Yes, you also get business related resources and announcements about future guides as well as Instagram tips for all of you that want to upgrade your social media brand.

Spending time with my family at home like a casual Sunday morning.

Creating Youtube videos and Instagram content.

Teaching driven women how to live the laptop lifestyle

Creating a calming home interior is my favorite!

I'm reallyyyy passionate about...


I get to create digital content with brands I love and to sell my digital guides to create content with women all over the world and teach them how to step into THEIR INFLUENCE. 


The uncertainty COVID-19 year that we've been finding ourselves and enjoying every moment at home.


My husband and I became parents.


I founded Merlot & Chat.


I graduated with a B.A in Communication and minor in Marketing. I also became a U.S Citizen.


I moved to the United States and started my degree in Communications.


I married my husband Alec.


I met my husband Alec.

My Timeline

where I've been

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The beach

5. To Visit:

My daughter and husband

4. To Cuddle:

Red Wine, please!

3. To Drink:


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1. To Watch: 

My Favorite Things

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How i built this!

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9. Holiday:

At home!

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6. To Eat:

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Black mirror

Stranger things

Emily in paris

What's your favorite Netflix series?

Seriously, Emily in Paris is absolutely delightful social media related series out there. I love the feminist and playful side of it too!

Emily in paris

My favorite Netflix series is...




What's your drink of choice?

I love a good red blend that's a little sweet!


My drink of choice is...




Where would you like to vacay to?

Specifically, the ATLANTIC COAST! The water is so beautiful and warm.


My favorite vacay spot is...

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