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October 21, 2017

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Hello, hello! I hope you are enjoying this weekend in a healthy way. I love to spend my Saturday mornings doing some physical activities that I really love. That’s why I wanted to share with you this post about cycling. A great way to keep in good shape while having tons of fun is by riding a road bike. There are, available for sale, very cool bikes made of carbon fiber, aluminum or both. I started riding an aluminum bike because I was a beginner level cyclist. Well, I think now I am an intermediate rider. My initial averaged speed was 12 MPH, but in two years with a relatively little effort, I’ve been able to attain the 16 MPH mark. Initially, I rode by myself and I really enjoyed discovering all these new bike paths which provided a different perspective of the city I live in. After riding for nearly two years about twice a week I was getting bored of the same routes. But then, I discovered and joined the cycling club in my city. The excitement started all over again because I had to keep up with all these well-fit athletic bike riders. Surprisingly, they were even older than me. We rode the bike on paved streets with more challenging hills and pace. This new experience filled my enthusiasm and kept me going. All that was overwhelming during the summer and warmer days with longer days, but, now, the days are becoming shorter and my bike requires front and rear lights, which I also purchased. It is very beautiful to ride your bike maxing out at 22 MPH flat and close to 25 MPH downhill while the sun sets. I awed at the horizon. I had just discovered for my own good how to be a low-budget tourist in the countryside. I would like you to try out some of these escapades with your spouse, friends and the local cycling club. I found an excellent way to stay healthy while socializing with other folks that are enthusiastic about this sport. This year I will be experiencing riding at night and in colder conditions for which I need to gear up with bike riding jacket and arm and leg warmers. In another post, I will let you know how much I enjoyed that, for now, I keep my fingers cross for excitement to come.

Here are some of the gears you may need for cycling in cooler days:

I hope you had enjoyed this blog post. Please let me know if you’d like to read similar posts. Please enjoy your weekend and share love and kindness wherever you go!


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