What to Expect of the Journey to Tokyo DisneySea®

February 11, 2017

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The magic of Tokyo DisneySea® does not start once you arrive at the park. It starts when you see it from the airplane window how beautiful it actually is! This captivation moment is what made me decide between going to DisneySea or Tokyo Disneyland®. Moreover, Tokyo DisneySea® is the only one in the entire world, so that made it even more interesting and fascinating because how many opportunities I will have to visit Japan again!

So, the journey to visit Tokyo DisneySea® started by booking a hotel that had free shuttle service from Tokyo city to DisneySea and vice versa. However, you have to make a reservation as soon as possible because it gets full really soon. You should plan to get there on time, I believe you have about 5-10 minutes grace if you do not make it between these periods of time they will drive away. There are other different transportation forms to get there such as by train and by bus.  If you plan to get there by train, you should plan ahead to get to the train station at least 40 minutes before your expected time to get on the train. This is because the train stations in Japan are enormous (not even compare to the ones in New York City or Chicago, IL) and besides all are in Japanese. I know that some people might want to say, well there is something called GPS to track where you are heading towards, let me tell you that, any type of GPS, including GOOGLE MAPS, does not work on the train stations! You will get even more lost if you use it! Therefore, what I recommend is to understand really good how the train system works in Japan. If you would like to get there by bus, it will be so much easier but you have to buy the bus tickets a day before your expected day of travel. However, if you did not have time to get there the day before, just get to the bus station 30 minutes before the departing time. You can easily find both of these transportation details on the Tokyo Disney Resort Website. To return back to your initial destination if you are not planning to stay in any of the Disney Resorts accommodations, you can go to the main exit and will see plenty of buses parking on a side and they will have a sign of their destination. I think that the latest time the bus that is returning to Shibuya (Tokyo area) is around 10:00 P.M. However, you should confirm this information in advance!

Once you have planned how to get there, you need to buy the park tickets. I tried several times to buy the tickets to Tokyo DisneySea online but it did not work! At the beginning, I thought it was an Internet issue, or I did not input the correct words (Japanese keyboard on most hotel’s computers). Until I realized that this happened because I did not call the credit card bank to let them know about this specific transaction. You have to call the credit card bank from where you reside before you plan to buy the tickets online, I think they will give you a sort of pin code. Therefore, what I had to do was to buy the tickets once I got to the park. I was surprised that there were not huge lines; I think there only were 2 people ahead of me. It was during a weekday around 9: 20 A.M

Once I was inside the park, I got my map, which included the activities for that specific day. It is written in both languages (Japanese and English). This aided me so much because I could easily map out which attractions I really wanted to go and the parades or shows I considered a must. The attractions that I first went to are the most popular ones. These attractions were: Journey To The Center Of The Earth (Located on Mysterious Island), 20,000 Thousand Leagues Under The Sea (Located on Mysterious Island), and Tower of Terror (Located at American Waterfront). To get to the American Waterfront quickly, I suggest you use the DisneySea Electric Rail Way (Located at American Water Front). This Electric rail is near the Mysterious Island. After lunch, I watched the “The Year Of Wishes” Greeting Drive. Then I headed towards the Mediterranean Harbor, there was going to be another parade on the water. Once I saw it and took plenty of photos, I headed to the Venetian Gondolas (located at the Mediterranean Harbor). I did this because this attraction is very popular and most of the people were still watching the parade.  After that, I headed to the Arabian Coast, Mermaid Lagoon, Lost River Delta, and Port Discovery.  It was in this order. Even though I did not get on all of the attractions because some are meant to be for families with kids, I am glad that I made it to the ones I was interested in. I was so lucky to get to the right time to watch The Big Band Beat, this is so popular and worth the wait in line! To finalize my day at Tokyo DisneySea with the most of the magic I ever imagined I got the chance to watch these two majestic shows: Fantasmic! and the Sky High Wishes.

I would like to hear if you have been to Tokyo DisneySea® and how its magic made you would like to come back!

Here are some pictures of this magnificent trip:

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