What to Expect of Universal Studios Japan®

February 19, 2017

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Universal Studios Japan® will not surprise you from the airplane window because it is located in Osaka, Japan, but it will do it from the exit of the train. When the train stops at the Universal Station, you will see a new whole city. The most exciting thing about it is that you will also encounter a taste of Japan’s favorite and most popular cartoons worldwide!

So the journey to get to Universal Studios Japan® is so much different than the one from Tokyo DisneySea®. This is because you have to get a train from Tokyo to Osaka. In my case, I had to take two because before going to this park I made a stop at Kyoto. But it was significantly easier to get from Kyoto to Osaka, I think is a lot more complex to travel all the way from Tokyo to Osaka (the tickets for the Japan Railway (JR Lines) train is complicated as well as the train station!) On the other hand, I really advise you that once you get out of the train station at Universal Studios Japan® you should NOT walk, you better run! I mean it literally! This is because the lines to buy the park tickets are huge even though there are 5 cashier windows. If you are traveling with someone else, you should get the advantage of this and separate in different lines just to see who make it first at the cashier window. Furthermore, while waiting in line, it is a good idea to decide what are your top attractions so you can get the Universal Express Pass®. This is very important: If you do NOT buy the Universal Express Pass®, you do NOT get the chance to ride your favorite attractions that same day. Yet, you got to be careful on the schedule of the attraction. I still remember that to ride The Flying Dinosaur I had only 1 hour left before that specific attraction closed even though I had bought the Universal Express Pass®. However, if you do not have rush and are planning to stay there for more than one day, then there are plenty of hotels options to choose from.

Once you are inside of the park, you may want to keep walking fast because the lines are really long even the fast lines. Therefore, you got to make a plan based on what you would like to do for that day and to get the most of it. In my case, my first stop was at the show attraction Terminator 2:3D®, Backdraft® and the Universal Re-BOOOOOOOORN-Parade (You do NOT want to miss this show). My favorite ride attractions were: Flying Dinosaur, Jurassic Park The Ride®, The Amazing Adventures of The Spider-Man The Ride – 4k3D, Hollywood Dream- The Ride. For Street shows: The Minions Super Greeting. Lastly but not least, I visited The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter. All of these attractions and shows were super cool. However, my favorite place of all of them was the Universal Wonderland. I know that this specific world is mostly for kids, but I was super content when I found Hello Kitty! I love Hello Kitty. As expected, you can go shopping at her store as well as getting onto some Hello Kitty theme rides!

I cannot wait for you to tell me your experience if have been here, If you have any questions, please comment below!

These are some of the pictures I took during this AMAZING trip:

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