Places to Visit in Seoul, South Korea

March 1, 2017

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1.    Namsan Seoul Tower: The Seoul Tower is a must! There are two different tickets you would have to buy to get the whole Seoul Tower experience. The first one is for the funicular. This is because in order to get to the Seoul Tower you would have to go through a funicular. This will get you up to the mountain where you can eat from the restaurants while enjoying a beautiful breathtaking view! Next to the restaurants are located the famous lock trees, which you can add your lock to this metal tree. You can purchase these locks at the same place where the trees are. The second ticket is for the access of the Seoul Tower. You can buy the combo tickets, which includes popcorn and a glass of beer of your preference.

2.    Myeong-dong Shopping Street: If you are into fashion, makeup, skincare and street style food, then this is a must! Myeong-dong is still one of my favorite places to shop and to immerse myself in the Korean lifestyle. There is a variety of shopping centers and stores. Some of them are brands from America others are European, and so on. However, the Korean fashion trends were really stylish. They have like the sweet-cute-elegant style. There are plenty of skincare stores and people are so welcoming to let you try a product. On the weekends, I guess it’s the best time to visit this shopping street. This is due to the large amounts of street style food vendors with a huge variety of food menu for every taste.

3.    Bongeunsa Temple: You cannot visit Seoul and leave without visiting at least one temple. Therefore, I chose to visit this temple due to the accessible distance that is from the city. You can get there easily by train. Once you get out of the train station you are directly stepping into the temple. As expected this temple is huge, so you better wear comfortable shoes and clothes. This visit is a forever memory in my life!

4.    Coex Mall: This mall is a city! Yes, it has literally 2 malls inside (The Coex mall and The Hyundai Department Store), 1 conference and convention center, 1 beautiful aquarium, 2 hotels entrances that are 5 stars: InterContinental Seoul Coex and the InterContinental Grand Seoul Parnas. You do not need to go out at all; at least that you are not staying in any of these two hotels. In the Coex mall, you will find all types of stores (fashion, restaurants, handcraft, pharmacies, hair salons, dental clinics, and much more!)

5.    Hyundai Department Store: This is a high-end department. Most of the stores in this department store are the most prestigious fashion and style brands around the globe. It also has on level 1 the food court, which contains awesome food and the most delicious bakery I have ever tried! It also counts with furniture and home décor stores. You should not miss this full shopping experience!

6.    Itaewon: This place is awesome. I will suggest you visit Itaewon if you are not traveling with kids. I notice a large volume of young adults and adults having a nice night-life with friends. This is because there are also some stores and restaurants, where you can do some shopping and have a nice meal.

Seoul is very clean and organized city. As you can see, these pictures were taken at the train station, and every single corner was spotless! I had an amazing stay in Seoul, South Korea. Please let me know in the comment section, how was yours? and what did you enjoy the most?

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