How a Bad Hotel Decision Interfered with my Trip to Copenhagen, Denmark

March 31, 2017

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Hello! I am so sorry I could not write a blog post last week, but I did not have time to create a post with great content. I had a very chaotic and stressful week. I was creating content to open my Instagram account. Even though I have not officially launched this blog, please follow me on my social feeds and subscribe to the newsletter if you have not. Hopefully, I will be officially launching this blog by next week, so please stay tuned because I will be posting a Get To Know Me Tag! (Yes, it will include pictures of me, finally!)

Today, I want to talk to you about how important is to know in advance the hotel you will be staying when traveling abroad. This is because it has to meet your preferences and expectations. If it does not, then believe me it could ruin your travel experience. When booking a hotel for an international travel, it is better to read the hotel’s reviews by other guests as well as to pay attention to its pictures. In my travel experience, there is only one time that I have experienced a really uncomfortable and unforgettable hotel stay. Without further ado, I will tell you how a hotel interfered with my travel to Copenhagen, Denmark.

My very first time I visited Europe, was the time I traveled to Denmark. Therefore, I was super excited and interested in this trip. It was a really long trip for me. I was super tired and could not sleep at all during the whole flight. Therefore, all I wanted to do when I landed on Copenhagen was to sleep right away. However, I could not sleep right away because I was hungry. I was surprised that the hotel where I stayed did not have any type of snacks or a light type of food such as sandwiches to purchase. Thankfully, there was a mall next to this particular hotel so I could buy some pastries for dinner. I did not book this particular hotel and it was a huge mistake. This is because I could not sleep at all for 3 nights. There was no air conditioner (I had to open a window, and then it was so cold and noisy), it had bunk beds, the restroom did not have a regular size shower. So, for the first three days, I did not actually enjoy my trip. I was constantly thinking that I was going back to a hotel that I could not relax and eat something if I needed it. Thankfully, that nightmare was over because I could find an available room at another nearby hotel that actually met and exceeded all my expectations. Hence, I could finally enjoy my trip because I felt really conformable and happy.

Before having this experience, I thought that a hotel was not a top priority when it comes to travel internationally. From now on I always make sure to book myself a hotel that will meet my expectations and preferences. Now, please tell me if you have experienced something similar to a hotel and how did you fix the issue to enjoy your stay?

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