10 Reasons why I will never stop using the damage remedy™ line by Aveda!

March 6, 2017

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A little of background: Before using Aveda Products, I was using the drugstore ones. During my childhood, teenage and even my college years I dealt with very damaged hair, such as dull, breakage, split ends, greasy on the scalp and frizzy. It was very unmanageable due to color processes, heat, and the same drugstore hair products! Yes, it was the worst nightmare of every woman! Of course, I always tried my best to make it feel smooth and brilliant, but every product I used failed. I was so tired and disappointed of keep looking for that perfect hairline product that was impossible to find. My hair type is coarse, thick and a little wavy, so I hated summer because it will get all the time like a huge sponge. I could not let it grow past my shoulder length because it was all the time with split ends, so I have to keep cutting it. Until one day I say enough! And yes I gave up on my journey of finding the perfect hair care products.

However, one day, my husband told me that I should try a hair salon that was located where he used to live before (when he was single). He said that every time he passed by it smelled really good, like floral and herbal scents. So, I gave it a try and scheduled an appointment. Well, it happened to be an Aveda concept salon. I immediately fell in love with it. I could not believe that since my first hair washes, I could notice a huge difference. Therefore, I proceeded and bought my first Aveda hairline product. I have tried different Aveda hair products such as brilliant™, smooth infusion™ (which I also love), dry remedy™ and, of course, damage remedy™. Among all of these hairline products, I chose and continue choosing the damage remedy™. This is because:

1.     It is organic and does not contain sulfate!

2.     It nurtures the ends of my hair and I am finally able to let my hair grow past shoulder length

3.     I do not have more split ends issue

4.     I do not have breakage

5.     I can skip more than 3 months from having a haircut

6.     I do not longer have my hair during the humid days like a “sponge”

7.     My hair is manageable, shiny, soft, and HEALTHY!

8.     I do not have the greasy feeling on my scalp

9.     It does not irritate my scalp

10.  I do not need to heat style my hair that often or actually, at All!

It is essential to mention that in order to achieve all of these results I have been using the damage remedy™ line for one year. I also stop dyeing my hair for more than a year and sometimes I use organic coconut oil for hair masks at home. But the most important thing that I have stopped doing is heat styling my hair. This has effectively stopped the split ends and breakage.

Now, it is your turn to tell me if you have tried the Aveda Damaged Remedy™ line. How has been your experience so far? What are your favorites Aveda hair products and why?


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. I am sharing my personal experience with this specific product.

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