Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill: A Shakertown Full of History and Adventures!

September 26, 2019

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I received compensation from Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill to create this post written by me. All experiences and opinions expressed in this post are my own and not those of Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. You can contact Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill with services related questions or comments via email

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill (SVPH) is located 20-30 minutes south of Lexington, Kentucky. My family and I traveled from Dayton, Ohio here for a weekend getaway. We did not know what to expect because vacation for us is typically going to a sunny place by a beach. However, right before arriving at SVPH we noticed that the road turned from a straight line to a curvy road with a picturesque Kentucky River. I was amazed to know that SVPH is the largest National Historic Landmark 3,000 acres that share 34 buildings that are full of history about the Shakers that onced lived here . There are visitors around the world that stay at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. That is why I was so excited to endeavor this new adventure with my family. When we arrived there we were greeted by our host, which toured us through the property for the two days.

Shaker Village was a positive experience for my family as this is a family and kids friendly country-style resort. As I mentioned previously, all buildings still preserved the original structure of the original owners – The Shakers. That is why it has the spark that makes you feel like you just traveled back in time. Everything is prestige and unbelievably in great condition. We love adventures and at SVPH there are tons of activities throughout the day. Our first activity was to drive to Shaker Landing where we went on a Riverboat Cruise (The Dixie Bell). It was a 50 minutes boat ride on the Kentucky River where we could have a different perspective of the village. You could also see other people doing other activities such as kayaking and having picnics. Then, we headed to check in to the hotel. The Shop is also available in the same building where you do the Check-in. You can find a variety of souvenirs and delicious homemade jellies that come from The Farm at SVPH. The farm is 100% USDA Certified Organic.

In the building that we stayed, it used to be a shoe manufacturing facility. There are, I believe, four bedrooms – one on the first floor and three upstairs. There is also a common living room. The common living room has a convenient microwave, fridge and sink area with available dish soaps, and paper towels. The bedroom where we stayed also had other amenities such as a television, two rocking chairs and a desk. It also had a coffee machine to start the day right. I particularly loved the wood floors. There is this unique feel that compliments the Shakers bedroom furniture and decor.

As I know you’d like to visit Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. Here is a code for a discount stay at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. Use the code SMI2 to receive 10% off when you book your stay at The Inn at Shaker Village by October 31, 2019. You can also call 1-800-734-5611 and use code SMI2 when booking. Visit to learn more about overnight stays.

Once we dropped off our luggage and accommodated ourselves in our room. We headed to an outdoor jazz concert “Jazz on The Lawn”. The music and the ambiance, including the weather, could not be better. I enjoyed the evening with wine, while my husband enjoyed a beer from the bar. My year-old daughter, Luciana, was also having a good time looking at the other kids played and also dancing jazz with me. To finalize the day we walked from the outdoor jazz concert site to the cemetery, while enjoying the sunset and learning about the life and history of Shakers that once lived in this place. “The Spirit Stroll to Cemetery” was an ideal activity to end the day as we could walk with lanterns while listening to the tour guide read some of the Shaker’s memoirs that once lived at SVPH.

Once the Spirit Stroll to Cemetery was completed. We enjoyed dinner with a theme Hard Cider Bash at Meadow View Barn. The food was surprisingly sophisticated and delicious with a variety of dishes to choose from such as chicken in sesame seeds, glazed ribs, various salads, desserts, and an assortment of beverages, including locally prepared cider. The Meadow View Barn is also a great option for wedding venues and to host other special events. Therefore, if you are interested in hosting an event there, please feel free to contact After we had a miraculous sunset view from the barn we then, walked back to our room while the sunset hid behind the hills at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill.

Even though I was staying with baby Luciana, I had a really comfortable stay. The following day we had breakfast at the Trustees’ Table. To get to the Trustees’ Table without guding yourself with the SVPH map. You just follow the exquisite smell of their cuisine. I advise you to make reservations at the Trustees’ Table before heading there. Believe me guys, the food here is AMAZING! Once you entered the Trustees’ Table you are going to be welcomed by two shops and consequently, two spiral staircases. The breakfast was a buffet-style. We had bacon, eggs, biscuit, fried sliced potatoes, and of course, coffee! After we had enjoyed our breakfast with a nice conversation we headed to our next activity of the day, which was “Rise and Shine at The Farm”. I think this was Luciana’s favorite activity. She was really into looking at all the farm animals and loved all their unique sounds. We learned that SVPH treats their farm animals with care through sustainable agriculture and harvest healthy food that is 100% USDA certified organic. Therefore, one can delight the palate with the homemade freshness of their meals.

Before lunch, we enjoyed two more activities. The “Shaker Music” in which we learned that Shakers wrote over 20,000 songs and used to sing and dance all day long if possible. We also had a fun Shaker dance and let me tell you this- I know for sure I would not have been a great Shaker dancer. After we head out of the “Shaker Music” activity the “Horse Drawn Wagon” was waiting for us to ride around the village. It was such a lovely ride. We learned so many things, but the one that caught my interest was that it took the Shakers 12 years to build the stone fence throughout the village. That was just impressive. Could you guys imagine putting stone by stone? That’s a huge work and determination! To finalize our stay at SVPH we had a final lunchtime at The Trustees’ Table. It was divine. I had a BLT sandwich with french fries. For dessert, I had tres leches. Let me please explain to you that as a Latina I have been eating tres leches dessert my entire life. Yet I was surprised to find out that the best tres leches I’ve had so far was the one at The Trustees’ table. There is something between the mix of sweetness levels of the milk and the heavy cream that makes this dessert delicious.

I can’t thank enough Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill for hosting us during the weekend. It was just a delightful stay. Between the white picket fences and their aspiring architecture with the progressive structure of their buildings, you can just tell why they were the first to have running water in the kitchen. Yes-even before the White House. Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill has so many great activities that you can enjoy with your family and friends throughout the year. There are events for Easter, Dad’s day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and if you love to enjoy some peaceful days after the busy Christmas/New Year season, stay at Shaker Village during January. Make it a tradition. I’m planning on visiting Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill with some family, so we enjoy our stay even more!

Do not forget to use the code SMI2 for a 10% discount when you book your stay at The Inn at Shaker Village by October 31, 2019. You can also call 1-800-734-5611 and use code SMI2 when booking. Visit to learn more about overnight stays.

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