The Best Gourmet Mexican Tacos in Ohio

March 9, 2017

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Every time I go to a Mexican restaurant in any of the countries I have been to, I always like to eat their tacos. I am full taco lover! I like all of its versions: street style, gourmet tacos, and homemade tacos! However, my tastes for the best tacos have been narrowing down to mostly one place. This place is located in Ohio, USA. The gourmet tacos in this location are delicious. I can tell the difference because I am a Latina, which I can tell you everything about tasteful tropical food and drinks! That is why I am really impressed to have found that this is the only Mexican restaurant in my entire life that I keep coming back.

This restaurant is Nada. They currently have 3 locations: Cincinnati, Columbus, and Indianapolis. However, I prefer to go to the Cincinnati location. This is because in that location was the first time I ever tried their delicious tacos. Therefore, I always know that I will leave this restaurant fully satisfied. I will advise you that if you really want to try a great taco, it has to be accompanied by corn tortillas! Corn tortillas make a significant difference in the whole taco taste experience. My favorite tacos here are the barbacoa tacos. the taco contains shredded juicy beef with pickled red onions and some other ingredients that make the whole experience unforgettable. My favorite drink is the sparkling sangria, so tasty. The location itself has an electric feeling due to its magnificent youthful and playful design. You can notice it once you go to their website. This restaurant is a must if you are traveling someday to any of their locations. Here is the menu if you would like to take a look at their mouthwatering dishes.

As for now, I can tell you that this is the best Mexican restaurant experience that I have ever had.  I am always looking forward to going here when I am craving gourmet Mexican tacos. This place is ideal if you would like to celebrate any type of occasions or just to try the best gourmet Mexican tacos in Ohio!

If you have ever been here or to any of the other Nada Restaurant locations, please comment below and tell me how was your experience? And what is your favorite dish?



Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. I am sharing my personal experience with this specific restaurant.

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