Charlotte, N.C in Black!

July 13, 2017

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Hello! as you know through my Instagram page I was on a road trip to North Carolina, South Carolina, and Washington D.C. My first stop was in Charlotte, N.C. I stayed there for only 3 nights. The reason of why I called this post “Charlotte in Black” is due to wearing only black tops that made an excellent contrast with the city highlights such as beautiful flowers, fountains, and buildings!

I usually buy my clothes online because I like to save time and money. That is, if I drive to a mall, I have to spend gas, and of course, time to get there. This is because some of the stores that I love to shop at are not available where I live 🙁

While in Charlotte, NC; I decided to keep my outfits comfy and casual because this is the best way to get all the city highlights without suffering every time I walk!

Let’s go ahead and check the outfits out!

Let me know in the comments if you liked these two outfits! and other outfits idea you would like to see 🙂 I will write about Charlotte city in a travel post that I am working right now, so keep checking the website for updates!

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