My Cut on Meat Consumption

July 27, 2017

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Hello! I hope you are having an awesome week so far.  I am getting ready to finish it with a productive smile on my face. In today’s post, I will be talking about why I change my protein (meat) consumption in my life and how I feel about it. So let’s first start by explaining what I was eating, how often and why I decided to start this journey.

Ever since I remember that I have been eating red and white meat, I just love meat. However, I remember that I had this episode in my life that I was eating everyday beef at a more frequent rate. I knew it was not healthy. So I was feeling awesome and nothing was bothering me at that time until I decided to do some routine blood tests. Well, it turns out that everything was great except my kidney. Yeah. It was a huge surprise, but then I started to put the puzzle together and Bingo! It was due to eating red meat and deli all the time. Thanks to God my kidney condition is not something that I have to worry about, but I do not want to be thinking that it can get worse. The doctor told me that I had to reduce the amount of meat consumption.

I started to do some research on meat intakes and I found several documentaries on Netflix about this issue. This one is really good, I suggest you should watch it.  If you do not take care of the amount and frequency that you consume meat, this can become a serious problem in a long term. Meat intakes can lead to several health issues such as cancer, chronic kidney disease, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, etc. Trust me it has been really hard to change my eating habits. I am not vegetarian or vegan (nothing bad to be either or) it’s just that I am a carnivorous person and to find out that eating meat can affect my life, it’s just incredible. Therefore, I would like to share my new eating habits.

  • I only consume beef once a week, one time per day (preferably lunchtime)
  • I started eating tofu as a protein substitute (I eat this almost every single day)
  •  consume more veggies and fruits
  • I drink more water
  • I stop drinking pop soda (almost lol)
  • I rather make my own orange juice or any other type of natural juices
  • I eat fish or chicken once or twice per week
  • I eat more grains
  • I only eat pizza/hamburgers when I got to the cinema
  • I stop drinking dairy products. I drink only soy and almond milk
  • I exercise more often (I love to swim)

I hope this post help you realize that sometimes meat consumption has to be monitored. Consuming meat every single day at any time and amount does not mean you’re going to become strong and healthy. Unfortunately, it can lead to a serious negative health condition. I would like for you to comment below if you liked this post and if you agree/disagree with my point of view.

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