Autumn Wardrobe Ready with Macy’s Backstage at Macy’s Dayton Mall

September 12, 2018

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Thinking about getting your wardrobe ready for Autumn 2108? Don’t think about it twice and head to Macy’s Backstage at Macy’s Dayton Mall (if you’re local). If you are not living close to Dayton, OH, you can check their store locator here to find the Macy’s Backstage closest to you. Almost everyone loves Fall season right? I’m so excited for the crisp fall days, which includes a usual pumpkin spice latte, leaves on the floor, and Halloween. When it comes to getting ready for everyday or for a special occasion I  may get bored at wearing the same outfits. That’s why I like to refresh my wardrobe. Therefore, I’m sharing some tips with you so we can have ready a couple of autumn outfits for those pumpkin spice latte dates.

When I’m usually buying new pieces for a new season I’m always looking forward to being able to mix and match colors and new styles. That is why when I think about Autumn season I imagine some colors that are always in trend such as mustard, beige, white, pink blush, black, and gray. If we have these colors available then we can easily create trendy outfits.

I had a lot of fun when I was shopping at Macy’s Backstage at Macy’s Dayton Mall. This is because they had some autumn pieces ready for you just to mix and match. That was so helpful when you’re buying clothes with an infant. Lol. Therefore, it was pretty fast when I created these outfits.




I hope you’d enjoyed this Fashion Autumn blog post. Please remember to check Macy’s Backstage to get these or similar outfits. I can’t wait to read about your fun fashion experience when visiting Macy’sBackstage. You can also follow Macy’s Backstage on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to get the latest fashion updates!










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