Life As A New Mom: The Apps I Use!

October 19, 2018

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Getting accustomed to my life as a new mom has been challenging but not difficult. The whole idea of taking care of your infant baby is extremely stressful but worth it all. I actually don’t know how I’m still working as a blogger, I guess is because I love it, but as I’m typing right now these words I’m holding my baby with one hand and typing with the other one. (Don’t worry as soon as she falls asleep I put her in her crib).

Every day is a new experience. Seeing my baby grow is priceless and that’s all I care about. However, when you are a new mom almost every single day you are micromanaging your baby moves and looks. Therefore, I wanted to share with new moms and moms-to-be some apps that have helped me with this #newmomlifestage.


    1. The Wonder Weeks: This app has been so useful when it comes to knowing when your baby will have his/her next leap. It lets you know when your baby will have a cranky, fussy, crying time in which he/she will develop mentally afterward. When Luciana enters her leaps this app is sync to my calendar so I’m already prepared to give her more snuggle and cozy time.
    2. BabyCenter: This app has some great information regarding new mom topics that may interests you as well as your Birth Group (community). Once you are in your Birth Group you can communicate with other new moms as well as experienced moms so you can share your doubts and give personal advice. It’s mostly as a support community app*.
      *NOTE: Please do not take other people’s advice as a rule of thumb. Always consult your Doctor prior to taking anyone advice. 
    3. White Noise Deep Sleep SoundsThis is a life saver app! When your baby is really fussy and you cannot put him/her to sleep or calm him/her down. Then you play a white noise sound and ta-da! your baby falls asleep almost immediately (Well, at least that happened with my baby. Lol.)
    4. Hatch BabyThis app only works if you have the Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing & Scale This changing pad is the one I use for my baby as I’m obsessed with weighing her every night. Lol. I also love the built-in feature the app has. You can log your baby’s feeding (nursing or bottle), sleep tracking, and weight of course. I highly recommended!

Well, that’s all I wanted to share with you today. I know that some of you found this blog post helpful. As new moms, we go crazy sometimes trying to give our best to our little ones. That’s why I want you to try out these apps so you can get some help in the way. As always please be humble wherever you go!


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