Hiking Mombacho Volcano in Nicaragua

March 9, 2018

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Hiking Mombacho volcano in Nicaragua? Another volcano post? Yes! here is another travel blog post about a volcano. This time I am sharing with you the time I went hiking the Mombacho volcano in Nicaragua. There is a bonus video for you at the end of this post. Note: this blog post complements the video, so if you are interested in the whole experience then please keep reading. I hope that by now, you have read my previous blog post “Hiking El Hoyo Volcano in  Nicaragua”

We departed from Esteli towards Granada the day of the hike. The distance between the two cities is about 200 km or so. We left our car in on the streets of the city of Granada and rode with the tour guide in a van towards the Mombacho volcano located about 25 min from this city. There is a narrow road that takes you to the top of the volcano (1345 meters above sea level). The ride on the van is fun because you get to see other people walking uphill, the very green and cool forest. When we got the coffee farm of Café Las Flores we stepped down to start our walking ascend by foot. We were only 500 meters away from the main site. Even though there is a road for cars, the road is very much inclined. This turns out to be a very good exercise. I recommend this hike for beginners who have a passion for hiking. Once at the top of the volcano it is relatively flat. The volcano is not completely dormant and there is smoke coming out of it in a remote part. The top of the volcano is completely covered with vegetation. This volcano made eruption before the conquistadors arrive in Nicaragua. The eruption created nearly 365 isles in lake Cocibolca on the shore facing the city of Granada. Usually one can observe the city, the lake and the isles from atop. Unfortunately, it was cloudy and rainy that day for us as you can observe from the video. If you decide to come to explore this volcano I recommend you to bring a light jacket because it is a little cool since volcano looks like a giant broccoli. This is the reason there are coffee plantations because the micro-climate is perfect for growing coffee beans. So far we explored one path for this volcano, but there are other two paths available, which are definitely more challenging to hike.

I hope you had enjoyed reading this travel blog post. I just wanted to complete the volcano travel series. lol.  Definitely, I am looking forward to publishing more lifestyle, fashion, and beauty blog posts.  Please don’t forget to follow me on my social channels as I am always posting new content on those sites. Remember to be humble wherever you go!

Here is the video:

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