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March 17, 2018

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Migrating from Squarespace to was a necessity as I was growing in the blogosphere. Squarespace was my blogging platform when I started blogging last year. I chose Squarespace due to the easiness and simple style that it offers when it comes to templates, choosing a domain name, professional email, customer service, and more. At that time I was new to creating content online and I was overwhelmed. I had so much information to learn in order to launch my website. Squarespace offered me video tutorials and community answers that helped me in so many ways to put together all the pieces of my website.  I was happy with Squarespace until I was not able to create custom codes that I wanted to implement into my site. Squarespace is an awesome platform until there is a time when you have to lose some features of your template to add a new feature that you need. That is, if I wanted to add a new menu tab, I had to actually remove that current template and set a new one that offered me that menu tab but made me lose other website features. I felt so bad for my readers that they were seeing all the constant template changes. So, in other words, I never had that perfect ideal template that met my needs. There is an option within Squarespace that you can pay a professional to create the features you need in your template, but that may be really expensive. That is when I decided to migrate to I knew I could have all the features that I wanted at any time if I was self-hosted. This is because I was able to input the CCS code that I needed in order to have my ideal template and site. Although it is a very tiring and detail process I was able to achieve success.

I wanted to be self-hosted so that I could have all the features that I needed. Therefore, after a couple of weeks reading the do’s and don’ts of migrating to other sites from Squarespace; I decided to migrate to I knew I had to do it fast. This is because I did not want to pay someone to migrate it. Yes, I have the mindset of Do It Yourself (DIY). Lol. Therefore, I chose a pre-made theme and started migrating my data from Squarespace. During the migration process (downloading my data from Squarespace) I lost a significant amount of information. After a couple of days, I had everything ready and set up my new platform. I went ahead and use CCS coding to make my ideal site come true. It took me almost over two months to finish it. I couldn’t write a blog post during that time as I was working day and night on this specific task. Believe me, it was really frustrating. I thought it was going to be easier, but it wasn’t. In my DIY mindset, I thought I just had to download the data from Squarespace to then uploaded it to Unfortunately, I encountered myself fixing small details about social media, newsletter, email, logo, layout, blog posts, etc. However, there’s nothing we can’t do if we have a purpose, right? In the end, it is gratifying to see my site working perfectly fine with no issues at all. Having a template that you love is ideal for success in the blogosphere. It will help you work efficiently because you’d be able to organize the information as you’d like it to be presented to your audience.

If you are deciding to migrate from your site from Squarespace to, please don’t think it twice. Right now I am just limited by my own creativity! As always if you have any questions about this post you can leave me a message in the comment section below. Please remember to be humble wherever you go!

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