Merlot & Chat Has Turned 1 Year Old! Blog Anniversary

April 30, 2018

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As you read it, Merlot & Chat has turned 1 year old. This blog post means so much to me as I cannot believe how this time has flown. But, wait! I know that some of you will be asking- Why would you write this blog post until April if you started writing on this site since January? Would not it make it January the Blog anniversary date?- Let me tell you-you are right! I started writing and creating content on this site since January last year. However, at that time I did not have any social media channels. Therefore, I started posting on Instagram during March, so I feel like it actually started when I posted a picture of mine. This is because I was not anymore the “author behind the desk” and I could finally show myself to you and the rest of the world!

I have learned so many things along this journey of blogging if you are asking yourself. I learned to be patient, to be creative and to be curious when it comes to new gadgets and abilities I didn’t know I had! One of the reasons I started blogging was because I wanted to create an outlet to start talking about issues that were relatable to me and probably to others. One of the main problems that I have faced during this year of blogging is consistency in creating written content. Blogging takes a lot of effort as one is a designer, social media manager, photographer, editor, business manager and a marketer. Therefore, working on just one platform at a time is extremely hard to do so as I have to be present in others such as Youtube (which I have not created that much video content yet, but I have some good videos coming up!) So please bear with me if I don’t post on here as much as I’d really like to. If you want to know what I am doing more frequently you can head to my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter account to stay updated with my new content on those digital platforms.

If you are wondering if quitting has ever crossed my mind, then let me tell you that it actually did. At the beginning of this journey, I thought about it as every beginning is hard. I did not have any direction or someone to guide me on “how to blog”. I also felt lost many times like I was not going anywhere with it. However, you gave me the strength to continue and because of that, I am really thankful! So, Thank You for keeping up with Merlot & Chat during this whole year! I am so thankful to have readers like you that find helpful these posts. And yes that makes my day every single day! To wrap up this post I just want to encourage you to continue working hard on any dream you have as you’ll never know if it can become a reality sooner than expected. As always be humble wherever you go!

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