We Are Pregnant: Baby Briones Is Making Our Hearts Full

May 19, 2018

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Yes! We Are PREGNANT! My husband Alex and I have been keeping this secret from you guys because we wanted to have some time to announce first to our family and friends. Although I already announced my pregnancy on my social media sites, I wanted to talk a little bit more about it here. This is going to be a long post, so please grab your cup of coffee or your glass of Merlot wine (if you are an adult) as I’ll walk you from the beginning of our relationship. I believe it’s important to do it this way as I want you to get to know us a little bit. So, without further ado, let’s begging this chat session!

Relationship background:

I have been married to my husband Alex for 6 years. We met in Estelí, Nicaragua back in December 2010. It was such a special encounter as I think we click from the first time we saw each other. (I know it sounds crazy, hahaha) But that’s how it was. I can say that we got along pretty well. We both felt comfortable with each other. I remember that the first day we met he took me on a walk through the streets in Estelí. We had some iced coffee and it was really fun. In the beginning, I thought he was being kind and polite as it never crossed my mind that someone so educated and professional could be interested in me. That’s because I was still in College and he had already his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. Even though he is a really smart person he is very shy. So, I guess my communication skills made him feel pretty good. Lol.

Our communication never failed since the first day we met. He would call me and text me every single day. We were living in different countries, so our relationship was developed under mutual confidence and communication. I won’t deny it was hard at the begging. However, being in a distance relationship makes you develop a stronger need to trust your loved one. That’s is why we decided not to keep secrets from each other and we told everything about ourselves. We were in that trustworthy relationship for a year. Digital communication sites such as Skype made us get through the distance barrier. So, a big thanks to Skype to keep people together in the distance!

We got married in April 2012 and once again we had to be separated for a year. This was because I needed to wait for my U.S permanent residence to be released. Once more Skype was the hero in our relationship. It’s important to note that we saw each other quite frequently too. For example, when we were dating, we met almost 3-4 times in a year. When we got married he used to travel to Nicaragua and we saw each other about 3 times that year. Therefore, I believe that the combo of digital communication and frequent visits made possible that our love lasted during those hard days.

Catholic Wedding in Nicaragua

Why we waited 6 years to become parents?

We decided to wait for 6 years before having our first baby because we wanted to have some couple time together. During those years we grew up as a strong couple and accomplished so many great things in our lives. For example, we bought our first house, I graduated from college with honors, we traveled to different countries, I became U.S citizen and we became more united and trustworthy to each other. Therefore, we were ready to become parents once we accomplished all the things mentioned above.

Getting ready to become Pregnant?

If you don’t know me pretty well, you would not know that I did several medical tests to be in the “best” shape I could be in order to bring a human into this world. That will include from dental procedures to brain scans. Yeah, I know the brain scan sounds extreme. But because I have migraines it was necessary. I also developed a healthy lifestyle in which I did not eat much junk food and did exercise quite often. As you can see in my previous blog posts we went hiking two volcanos, riding bikes, and just eating healthy. I also took lots of vitamin supplements that my body needed to be in the best possible shape.

The day I found out WE were Pregnant:

The day I knew I was pregnant I was the happiest person in the entire world. I remember that the first thing I did was to thank God and The Virgen Mary for this precious heavenly gift. Then, I took my prenatal vitamin (which I’ve been taking for almost two years now, lol) and finally, I called my OBGYN doctor’s office to schedule the first appointment. I also went to buy a Stars Wars- Darth Vader helium balloon and attached a tiny onesie with the positive pregnancy test. When my husband came home that day he could not believe it! He was constantly laughing and speechless. He kissed me and said “I am going to be a father” hahaha. The way he said it was just hilarious!

How do our families feel?

It’s truly a blessing that we are about to start our own family of 3. I love how excited we are with the arrival of our first baby. Alex is the only child in his family so you can already imagine how his parents are feeling about their first grandson or granddaughter. Likely, I am the only women in my family and the youngest so you can also tell how my parents are feeling about my baby. We are all over the moon and expecting this baby with our open hearts and arms full of love.

What’s next?

I will be writing another blog post about what I’ve been eating during my pregnancy and the things that have helped me deal with any pregnancy symptom related question you may have. As of right now, I wanted to write this pregnancy announcement blog post as an introductory blog post on the new pregnancy category in Merlot & Chat. As always please be humble wherever you go!

*You can get my baby announcement outfit details here.

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